Tyler Engh

general partner

Tyler founded R7 with the sole mission to relentlessly seek out transformative companies that can deliver massive returns while generating real value for the world. Under his leadership, R7 has sourced, led and supported investments in some of the most prominent technology companies including AEye, Bedrock Ocean, Light Field Lab, Overflow, and even helped start Range Energy. He invests across multiple sectors and stages, and is passionate about founders who transform vision into reality to create new, huge industries. Tyler primarily focuses on evaluating new technologies and companies, and helping current portfolio companies develop world-class products and solutions.

Tyler is a board director for Range Energy and Overflow, and has led or co-led investments in AEye (NASDAQ: LIDR), Ooma (NYSE: OOMA), Wayport (acquired by AT&T), Amyris (NASDAQ: AMRS), Bloom Energy (NYSE: BE), Xwing, Iron Ox, Light Field Lab, Range Energy, Roam Robotics, Bedrock Ocean, Foxtrot, MetricStream, Overflow, and more.

Prior to R7, Tyler helped pioneer the field of syndicated investments. As an early member of AEI, he helped build their distribution platform which was the first-of-its-kind to help venture-backed technology startups raise capital more efficiently. During his six years with the firm as Managing Director, he developed and managed relationships with numerous leading venture firms, and helped grow the company to over 130 employees.