Trey Ward

General Partner

Trey is an entrepreneur and engineer. He works with technical teams solving complex problems to reimagine legacy industries. Trey is drawn towards daring founders who are unafraid to tackle trillion dollar industries. For the last six years at R7, he has helped portfolio company founders shape their vision, build out world-class teams and execute against mission critical milestones. Trey invests across multiple sectors and stages, and most notably, led R7’s early-stage investments in Oculii which was acquired seven months later.

He is a board director for Roam Robotics, and has led or co-led investments in AEye (NASDAQ: LIDR), Oculii (acquired by Ambarella), Iron Ox, Xwing, Foxtrot, More Labs, Light Field Lab, Range Energy, Carrot, Roam Robotics, Bedrock Ocean, Overflow, Ramper, and more.

Prior to R7 Trey co-founded One Light Labs, a software consulting firm with clients including, Northern Trust, and US Soccer. Prior to One Light Labs, Trey was an early employee of Etherios which was later acquired by Digi International (NASDAQ: DGII) in 2012. Trey attended the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and received a degree in Systems Engineering.