Greg Zanghi

Venture Partner

Greg joined Iron Ox in 2021 as VP of Operations to lead the building of several new facilities, scale the operations team and help expand new areas of the business. He has also scaled operations at Tesla, Zoox, and Aurora. As an early employee of Tesla in 2006, he was instrumental in bringing electric vehicles to the mass market, resulting in an IPO in 2010. He built and scaled the Service Operations team to over 100 employees across the US, Europe, and Asia, and developed the Tesla Ranger program to provide onsite service to customers.

Greg was an early employee at Zoox in 2015, which was later acquired by Amazon for $1.3B. At Zoox, he led drive team operations, service engineering, focusing on fleet uptime, vehicle deployment, and operations. Additionally NHTSA/regulatory compliance, and quality field reporting.

In 2019, Greg led the operations team at Aurora to help bring self-driving technology to market. At Aurora, he was responsible for the safe operation of the testing fleet, triage of on-road events, service engineering, data, metrics, and vehicle uptime. He also oversaw the construction of its two new headquarters in the Bay Area and Pittsburgh.

Greg has a BA from Washington State University.

Current Boards:
Harold Frank Engineering Entrepreneurship Institute