Ali Javidan

Venture Partner

Ali is a world renowned engineer who was instrumental in building the Tesla Model S. At R7, he helps the team evaluate new technologies and manufacturing capabilities.

Ali joined Tesla in 2008, and was responsible for first proof of concepts, all mules and prototypes, and all early stage testing and development. He also worked with UI team to provide impressions, guide design, layout and testing the revolutionary 17” touch screen, and all digital Instrument cluster, as well as other user interaction points in the Model S. He also established, led, and grew the Prototype R&D team from 2 engineers to 45 engineers and technicians.

In 2012, Ali joined Google where he created and led the Skunkworks “ATAP” team that focused on solving the most difficult hardware problems coming out of Google. While at Google, he filed 15 patents in the areas of laser micro-machining, additive manufacturing, robotics, and HMI. He and his team supported the development of such products as the Soli radar chip, Jacquard conductive textiles, and the Tango mapping tablet.

Ali was recruited to Zoox in 2015, which was recently acquired by Amazon for $1.3B. He architected the prototyping and experimental operations known as xOps, and built out a worldclass 45-person service oriented prototyping organization, spanning 6 labs and three sites that produces nearly 40,000 components and assemblies per year. He and his team lead CNC machining, additive manufacturing (3D Printing), fabrication, wire harnessing, and L3 and L5 vehicle builds.

Ali is currently the founder and CEO of Range Energy, an EV company backed by R7, Yamaha, UP Partners, and other leading investors.