Light Field Lab

Light Field Lab

Creating holograms straight out of sci-fi — no headgear needed


Founded in 2017Partnered in 2017


Advanced Displays


Jon Karafin, Brendan Bevensee & Ed Ibe


Light Field Lab is developing a world where you can see holographic objects with your own eyes. With a revolutionary optical display technology that replaces physical objects with photos of light, Light Field Labs makes you wonder what’s real and what isn’t in the best way possible.

How so? A light field display system makes real holographic objects appear as if they’re floating in space, without the need for headgear. The San Jose, California-based team delivers a mind-blowing experience that was once only dreamt up as science-fiction, placing the impossible in plain sight. With plans for large-format entertainment experiences and a new category of content creation, the real and synthetic worlds are officially blurred. Double takes to be expected.