Supercharging farm productivity with AI


Founded in 2015Partnered in 2019


Robotics, AI


Brandon Alexander


Inevitable is an ag tech platform using AI to supercharge farm productivity and decrease waste.

Agriculture today is wasteful — 1.3 billion metric tons of food is trashed every year, and 30-40% of produce is thrown away before it even reaches consumers. The vast majority of frontline workers fail to leverage technology, including data capture. Nearly all agricultural productivity in the fields come from top performers who do. Pathogens and pests destroy 40% of crops per year — adding up to $290 billion in economic losses.

Inevitable’s first product is a “clean propagation system” to ensure healthier, higher-quality plants. The flagship product eliminates waste and boosts farm profitability — starting from the seed. Utilizing automated 24/7 scouting with computer vision, their system will monitor climate, light, water, nutrients, and plant health, while quickly diagnosing and remediating problems.